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The 2L Ultrasonic Cleaner is a professional sound wave cleaner with powerful ultrasonic transducer to give your items a highly efficient deep clean. The digital displays indicate temperature the built-in ceramic heaters are set at and the time left on the timer (up to 99 min). Front panel on/off switches for heater and ultrasonic transducer to run independently from each other. Comes with clear plastic lid, stainless steel washing basket, and grounded power cable.

- Great for jewelry, glass, medical equipment, laboratory equipment, car part, bullet, gun, gun part, hardware and circuit board etc.

- Stamping tank without welding gap for better water proof

- With stainless steel housing and lid, beautiful and generous

- Powerful ultrasonic transducer for high efficiency cleaning effect

- With LED digital display for timer and temperature

- Ceramic heaters for better heating effect

- Drainage and cool fan are convenient to use

- Special cooling system, components working more steady

- Moisture-proofed and anti-corrosion PCB, capable for different working environments

- Temperature is in Fahrenheit

- Cleaner with 100W heater, up to 80°C

- Ultrasonic Power: 50W

- Tank: 5.9 x 5.5 x 4"

- Capacity: 2L / 68fl oz

- US plug power cable 110V

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Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner 2L

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